Making It Easier For New Moms To Return To Work

8 June 2016
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If you're a new mom with a few worries about returning to work, you can take comfort in knowing that millions of mothers before you have also had to juggle many responsibilities. Here are a few things that can ease some of your concerns about heading out of the house without your little one: 1. If you're a nursing mom, you're protected under the law. Mothers who wish to continue to breastfeed are required to be given certain accommodations under the Affordable Care Act. Read More 

Balancing Voice Over IP And Other Network Demands

20 May 2015
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Voice over IP (VoIP) is a great way to stay connected with others, collaborate on projects and take the place of telephone communications in general. Unfortunately, it often comes at the cost of a few network resources that other systems on your network can use. If you simply can't draw down the network usage without starting an Internet fairness argument or don't want to turn off other downloads completely, consider a few aspects of network load balancing and VoIP management. Read More